Know the difference between these labels: Waterproof, Water Resistant, Transferproof!

In the world of makeup and skincare, there are many labels such as waterproof, water resistant, and transferproof! These types of products certainly have their advantages and disadvantages according to our skin type or needs. Not only in makeup, skincare products like sunscreen also have these labels! But what exactly makes the difference? Instead of being curious, let’s read this article until the end, Sereni-Trees!

Definition of Waterproof, water resistant, and Transferproof

First, let’s talk about the waterproof label. Makeup/skincare with this label means that the product is completely waterproof. The product has been designed in such a way that it cannot be penetrated by water at all. Obviously, this type of product is not easily lost to water and sweat! 

Meanwhile, the water resistant label means that a product can resist water to a certain extent, but is not completely waterproof. Generally, the water resistant label is suitable for use in conditions where contact with water is brief and not intense.

Moving on to the transferproof label, this label means that a makeup product such as lipstick and foundation, does not transfer or smudge easily to other surfaces after application. For example, liptint products are usually more transferproof when compared to lipstick products. This type of product can certainly help those of us who often have more activities to stay neat and glowing!

Last but not least, there are still some label terms on makeup that we can learn, namely smudgeproof and sweatproof. Smudgeproof means that the product will not easily smudge or dirty the surrounding area after we apply it. Examples of makeup with this label include eyeliner and mascara. Sweatproof indicates that the product is able to withstand sweat so those of us who are in hot weather or often do physical activities can also use makeup!

It turns out that there are so many variations in the world of makeup, it’s easier to determine according to our needs!

Pros and Cons as Well As Suitable Uses

Don’t worry! Serenitree will help you choose the right product label for your needs. Of course, we must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of a label so that we don’t choose the wrong one:

  • Waterproof:
  • Maximum water protection
  • Ideal for intensive water activities such as swimming or heavy rains
  • Durable and not easily damaged
  • It’s usually harder to clean. Need a special cleanser for waterproof makeup and do double cleansing
  • Prices can be more expensive than regular products

This type of makeup/skincare is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin as it is resistant to sweat and oil.

  • Water Resistant:
  • Retains water to a certain extent, enough for daily use
  • Easier to clean than waterproof products
  • Often more affordable
  • Less reliable for very intense water conditions
  • Not enough for strenuous water activities

For those with combination or normal skin, this skincare/makeup label is suitable for daily use (light water protection).

  • Transferproof
  • Makeup stays put all day long
  • Does not leave marks on clothing or other objects
  • May need special cleanser for removal
  • Not always waterproof

Sereni-Trees who have events or need to wear makeup while working all day can use products with this label. Additionally, this label is usually suitable for all skin types.

  • Smudgeproof
  • Avoids smudging and fading around the application area
  • Ideal for eye cosmetic products such as eyeliner and mascara
  • Sometimes difficult to remove without specialized products
  • Not always water or sweat resistant

Generally, this label is found on eye makeup products. Suitable for all skin types and daily use!

  • Sweatproof
  • Resistant to sweat, keeps makeup neat
  • Suitable for physical activity and hot weather
  • May be heavier on the skin than regular makeup products
  • Sometimes the cleansing process is more difficult

If you exercise a lot or live in hot weather conditions, this makeup label is a great choice! Oily and combination skin types can use this product because of its extra resistance to sweat.

Of all the pros and cons of these 5 product labels, which one is right for you?

Tips for Removing Makeup Labeled “Waterproof”

Indeed, waterproof makeup and skincare products will definitely last longer on our skin. But one important thing that should not be overlooked is the cleansing process. Because if we can’t cleanse properly, there will be several risks such as: pore blockage, irritation, dull skin, acne, premature aging, and infection. Very bad, isn’t it?

To prevent this, we must use a specialized cleanser that can effectively dissolve waterproof makeup. Oil-based cleansers are one of the best options that can break down the waterproof formula of a product. However, you can also opt for cleansers:

  • Cleansing Oil: This cleanser is in the form of oil and is very effective at dissolving waterproof makeup. Just drop the cleansing oil on dry skin, massage gently, then rinse with warm water.
  • Micellar Water: Micellar water is very diverse and can remove all types of makeup. But don’t forget to choose one that is specifically for waterproof makeup! Use a cotton pad, moisten it with micellar water, and wipe it on your face until the makeup is removed.
  • Balm Cleanser: Cleansing balm is a balm-shaped cleanser that turns into oil when applied to the skin. The steps are similar to cleansing oil, just apply it to the skin, massage, and rinse!

Another important note, we should start removing makeup from the eye area before moving on to other parts. This is because the eye area is usually the hardest to remove! Then for heavier makeup, we highly recommend double cleansing. What is double cleansing? This process, as the name suggests, means “cleansing twice”! Start with a cleansing oil/micellar water, follow up with a face wash so there’s no residue left behind. Avoid rubbing your skin too hard! On the other hand, if makeup is difficult to remove, just wipe gently and be patient. Use multiple cotton pads and repeat the process if necessary!

The last step, Sereni-Tree must continue the cleansing ritual with moisturizer! Moisturizing is important to maintain moisture and prevent dryness. For the face, choose a moisturizer according to your skin type, for the body, you can use Serenitree’s Calming & Brightening body lotion. It’s perfect for those with normal, sensitive, combination, or normal skin!

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