Is Childfree The Answer To Anti-Aging? Myth or Facts?

Recently, the following topics have been trending: You can stay younger because you are childfree. This topic is very viral and has many pros and cons in the debate. But what are the facts? Is it true that this choice is the key to anti-aging? This time Serenitree would like to discuss it from the skincare brand’s point of view! Staying youthful is very closely related to skin condition, right? Without further ado, let’s see more!

What is the Definition of Childfree?

This term that is quite widespread may not be known to everyone, Serenitree squad! It could be because in Asian culture, more precisely Indonesia, the term childfree is not as prevalent as in other cultures.

In short, as the term implies, childfree is when a couple decides not to have children or offspring. Many factors influence this decision. It can be several factors such as:

  • Economic factors

We cannot deny the cost of caring for children is not small. From the process of conceiving, giving birth to demanding the baby to become an adult, everything costs money. Especially with the recession and other financial problems.

  • Psychological factors

Caring for children is certainly not only costly. They need attention, love and guidance in their lives. Meanwhile, not all parents have a favorable mental or psychological condition for that. This can happen due to trauma or other circumstances that a person experiences. It’s not easy to heal a mental state!

  • Health factors

Unfortunately, not everyone can have children due to health factors. That’s why there are so many blue line warriors out there. This can be a factor why a couple turns to the childfree option.

Well, those are some of the driving factors for going childfree. Is this decision wrong? Of course there is no definitive answer! It all comes back to each person’s preference. We should respect their choices and focus on taking care of ourselves, guys! How people want to live their lives cannot be judged as wrong or right as long as it doesn’t harm us.

But is there any truth to the myth about the link between childlessness and eternal youth? Fact or myth? Let’s check it out together!

What Causes a Person to Stay Youthful?

Obviously the supporting factors for someone to be more ageless cannot be attributed to just one thing! There are various reasons behind it!

  • Genetic factors

This already includes scientific and science issues! Indeed, we as humans have different genes, that’s what makes us unique. Some are born with dry skin, normal or combination skin. All skin conditions are more or less genetically inherited. So it’s good not to compare ourselves with others! Don’t forget that you are still charming with all the uniqueness.

  • Healthy lifestyle

As Serenitree often reminds us, a healthy lifestyle has a huge impact on skin health! This includes a healthy and balanced diet, regular exercise (at least 15 minutes a day), drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. Avoid bad habits like frequent smoking, drinking alcohol and the like! Healthy skin will automatically give a bright and youthful impression. So you can also be more confident!

  • Use the right skincare

To maintain your health inside and out, Serenitree recommends that you continue to take care of your skin using safe skincare. If possible, choose something that is gentle and natural so as not to damage the skin. After using skincare, don’t forget to combine the power of sunscreen before traveling. Be careful, UV rays can accelerate premature aging!

  • Maintain mental health

Not only physical care, mental health care is also necessary! Stress and other bad thoughts can be a factor of disease. That’s why we must manage stress well. Let’s love ourselves more from now on!

Well, well, it turns out that not only one thing can help someone look younger. So actually, can childfree be considered as one of the factors of staying youthful?

Childfree = Youthful? Here’s what Serenitree says!

The trending topic of childfree has indeed led to many opinions scattered everywhere. According to Serenitree, there is no wrong or right side because this is about one’s life choices. However, if we associate not having children with staying young, it seems inaccurate. In a sense, there are still many other factors why someone can “look” youthful and what activities can accelerate premature aging.

In Serenitree’s opinion, taking care of a baby is not an easy task! Energy, time, money are drained for the health and growth of children. That’s the reality, isn’t it? Every individual’s household situation is different. Therefore, this “difficult” process actually depends on the facilities and support that a person has. The more support they have, the more chances they have to take better care of themselves.

Another reality is that with the responsibilities and difficulties of taking care of children, some of them don’t have time to take care of themselves. This is usually due to stress and lack of rest. But this doesn’t mean that those without children will always have time to take care of themselves. So basically, it depends on everyone’s readiness and planning.

Some tips from Serenitree to take care of yourself when you’re busy:

  • Do me time or healing. You can do what you love. Usually home spa is a favorite time to relax and calm down. Serenitree Body Wash calming variant also provides a therapeutic effect that can calm the mind!
  • Seek support from those closest to you. When you are busy and tired, talking to others can lift your mind. Also, always ask for help when you need it!

In short, childfree or not, we still value everything. After all, each person’s life has its own level of difficulty. Serenitree just wants to remind us to always stay healthy and most importantly, happy. Making yourself happy is the key to looking young!

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