Serenitree Skincare: Available Online, Secure Transaction; Practical Delivery

Are you a fan of natural skincare products? Look no further! Serenitree’s long-awaited skincare products are now available to the public. Our products are perfect for those with sensitive skin or other skin issues, so it is very safe for you to try. Don’t worry about accessibility skincare lovers, our products are easily accessible to everyone. At Serenitree, we understand that skincare products are an important part of many people’s daily routine, so we want to make the whole process of purchasing products easy. We are dedicated to providing solutions for all skin concerns! Check out more for more information!

Variety of Natural Skincare Products

For the initial product launch, the brand will focus on the first step of skincare which is cleansers! Now is your chance to try Serenitree body wash products. There are 2 types of variants namely: Hydrating & Brightening Body Wash and Hydrating & Calming Body Wash. You can choose these two variants according to your needs and skin problems. The brightening and calming effects also come from natural ingredients! Some examples of the ingredients include: Sweet Almond Oil, Licorice Root, Lavender Oil and many more. You can check the details on Serenitree’s website for brightening and calming body wash variants.

The second product that will be launched is no less interesting! Body lotion is the second series after cleansing and if we combine it with body wash, the result will be great! The skin will feel supple, moisturized, comfortable and boost your confidence. Just like body wash, Serenitree lotion also has 2 different variations, namely: Moisturizing & Brightening Body Lotion and Moisturizing & Calming Body Lotion

Why does this body wash and lotion duo work so well together? In short, the body wash hydrates the skin while the lotion moisturizes and locks the water inside the skin. That’s why our skin will stay supple and soft.

In addition to the two products above, Serenitree will also be launching several other product variations in the near future. From skincare such as hand cream, body scrub, and body sunshine, face care to natural makeup! Sounds interesting, right? Stay tuned to our social media for the latest news, skincare lovers!

Serenitree Official Store 

For now, Serenitree provides 3 ways for you to easily get our skincare online. It’s very simple, you can visit our official website (Serenitree Indonesia). Another option is you can also make transactions through several trusted e-commerce platforms in Indonesia, namely Shopee (, and Tokopedia (serenitreeid). No need to bother walking to the store, just click, order, and immediately the product will arrive at your home! 

On all three platforms, the BPOM registration number is also listed so you can check its authenticity. In addition, we also provide skincare label information such as: No SLS, No Parabens and others. Guaranteed safety and convenient transactions. If there is not yet notification for a reseller program or other new platforms, Serenitree products are only sold officially on these three platforms! As much as possible, avoid purchasing from unclear sources. This is to reduce security risks and lack of warranty if something happens.

Have you visited our online store yet? Don’t miss out on special promos, stay tuned for Serenitree’s latest updates!

Serenitree Skincare Payment & Shipping Guide

In addition to being efficient and fast, Serenitree also wants its buyers to feel safe when making transactions. The same goes for the payment system! You can easily choose how to pay on each of the three platforms. 

There are various payment options such as: 

  • Bank transfer: BCA, Mandiri, BNI, BRI, CIMB, including virtual accounts and other banks.
  • Credit card
  • E-Wallet: GoPay, OVO, and the like

The list of payments may increase in the future, so be sure to visit the site directly! You can choose according to your own preferences.

As for shipping options, Serenitree provides regular (TIKI, JNE, J&T, etc.), Same Day, Next Day and Instant shipping options. Need skincare that day? We can deliver it! Serenitree’s operational days are Monday-Friday (working days) from 08.00-17.00. However, on national holidays we will be closed. But don’t worry! We have arrangements and systems in place to prevent late deliveries. The arrangement will be more or less like this:

  • Orders before 12 noon will be shipped on the same day.
  • Orders above 12 noon will be processed and shipped H + 1
  • Orders on Saturday and Sunday will be processed on Monday
  • Orders on national holidays will be processed H + 1

So please be patient skincare lovers! Surely all customers will get 5-star service from Serenitree. If you have any other questions, please contact our customer service at (WA) (+62) 8111922697!

Make Serenitree Skincare Your Choice!

Sandra and the other Serenitree founders are very happy that finally the dream to educate people about skin health and the environment is being realized. We hope that the beginning of Serenitree’s journey can provide meaning and solutions to skin problems for those in need. The more awareness that is spread, the more chances we have to restore our earth. Rest assured, all Serenitree products are safe for the body and the environment. Even the packaging is recyclable.

Maybe if you’re still curious and unsure, you can try coming to the Serenitree X Kertabumi free workshop on January 29, 2023! Available offline and online, you can gain knowledge about the benefits of using natural skincare. In addition, you can also get recipes for natural toners, scrubs, and masks (face care) ala Serenitree. From there we can judge for ourselves what the quality will be like so that we can be more confident in buying our products! 

Don’t miss our giveaway promo and win products worth 1 million rupiah! You can check the terms and conditions on Instagram @serenitree.indonesia. Good luck guys!

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