Are Facials Mandatory? Check Out The Side Effects on Your Skin!

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Apart from using skincare, there are also many beauty treatments to take care of our skin health! One of the common treatments to take care of facial skin health is facials! Facial itself is a popular facial skincare method among skincare lovers. But, do facials have any side effects on our skin?

In this article, we’re going to take an in-depth look at the side effects that may occur after a facial, as well as when to avoid them. But before that, let’s first understand what a facial is, how it works, and all the steps, Sereni-Trees!

What is a Facial?

Facial is a facial skincare process that involves various techniques such as cleansing, (exfoliation), massaging, and the use of special masks. The main goal is to get rid of blackheads and regenerate the skin (removal of dead skin cells) so that the skin is clean, bright, and healthy!

The way this method works is very simple, by clearing clogged pores, which is rather difficult to do without the right equipment at home or without an expert.

Generally, when we do a facial, here is the sequence:

  1. Initial Consultation

Every treatment starts with a consultation with an esthetician. Starting with what our skin problems are, how our diet is, and what treatments we have done next.

This will help determine the type of treatment that suits our skin condition!

  1. Skin Cleansing

After the consultation, the next step in the facial is cleansing. This aims to remove dirt and oil stuck on the surface of the skin.

If our skin is still dirty and clogged, the treatment is certainly not optimally beneficial!

  1. Steam (Soften The Skin)

Then proceed to use warm steam which aims to open the pores of the skin. This is a process to prepare our skin and make the dust and blackheads that clog the pores easy to remove later!

  1. Exfoliate (Skin Exfoliation)

This exfoliation process is very useful for removing dead skin cells and dirt that clog pores. There are usually 2 types, namely exfoliation using scrub granules or with chemical exfoliation.

Its use depends on your skin condition of course.

  1. Extraction (Blackhead Removal)

This process is notorious for causing a bit of discomfort, especially for those with sensitive skin!

This process is the extraction of blackheads, usually, the beautician will remove them with a special tool.

  1. Face Massage

Massaging can improve circulation and blood flow. As a result, the skin and muscles can be well stimulated and become more relaxed!

  1. Face Mask

After the extraction process, the skin will usually feel uncomfortable. But don’t worry, the mask will soothe your skin! The mask usually lasts for 15-20 minutes and the esthetician will apply it from all over to your neck.

The use of face masks will also adjust to our skin type and problems.

  1. Use of Skin Protection

The final stage involves applying toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen (if the treatment is done during the day). This process will help prevent post-treatment skin irritation.

It’s quite a long process! Generally, this process lasts for at least 60-90 minutes. So make sure to take your time if you want to try it!

Benefits of Facial for Skin

For sure, a series of facials can provide us with a number of skin health and beauty benefits, both physically and mentally. While the main purpose of a facial is to get rid of dead skin cells and blackheads, other benefits include:

  • Helps Solve Skin Problems

Facials can help reduce acne, blackheads, and blemishes.

  • Skin Brightening

The exfoliation process in a facial can help even out skin tone, address pigmentation issues, and give a brighter appearance.

  • Boosts Collagen Production & Tightens Skin

The massage movements in a facial stimulate collagen production, which is essential for healthy and supple skin. The skin may also become firmer due to high collagen production.

  • Reduces Signs of Aging

Increased collagen production is also one of the factors we can reduce signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Overcome Anxiety & Improve Mood

By having a facial, our sympathetic nervous system is activated, especially during the massage. Smooth blood circulation can positively affect hormones. The result? Anxiety will be reduced and the body will be more relaxed.

  • Improves Skin Absorption

Pores that are free of impurities can more easily absorb products into the skin. Thus, skincare can work optimally.

It’s no wonder why facials have so many fans. These benefits are certainly useful, especially when we are often exposed to pollution and other free radicals. But we also need to know the side effects of facials on our skin. Let’s read more!

Facial Side Effects for Skin

While facials have many benefits, some side effects may occur, especially if they are not done properly or if they are not suitable for our skin type. That’s why it’s important to consult and choose the right clinic. Make sure to minimize the negative risks of facials! 

Otherwise, the first side effect could be skin irritation. This irritation in the form of itchiness and dryness can be due to the use of products that are too harsh or the wrong steps in the treatment process. The second could be increased skin sensitivity. Some people, especially those with sensitive skin, may experience heightened sensitivity due to this intense process. Furthermore, swelling and redness are also among the immediate post-treatment reactions due to increased blood flow. However, these effects are usually temporary and harmless.

In addition, there remains the risk of allergies to the products used in the treatment process with symptoms such as rashes, pimples, and bumps. This is why it is important to choose and consult products before having a facial. Make sure to choose a trusted professional beautician and clinic!

We also need to avoid facials if our skin condition is moderate:

  • Infection or injury
  • Experiencing inflammation or allergies
  • Currently using certain medications or medical treatments

Anyway, for maximum results, it’s important that our skin is at its best before a facial!

Is Facial Facial a Mandatory Treatment?

Facials do provide us with many positive benefits. So in conclusion, should we make facials mandatory? 

Actually, our skin normally regenerates itself every 28 days. However, every day we are exposed to various factors such as pollution and stress that can slow down the regeneration process. That’s why our skin can look dull and develop various skin problems!

That’s where this facial process can help us to keep our skin healthy and clear. So actually, it’s not mandatory either, depending on your skin condition! Oh yes, Serenitree would also like to remind us that we should do this facial a maximum of once a month. Because if we do it too often, it won’t be good for us. 

Always do your skincare routine and safely!

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